Day 2 TFP 1

Sunday, July 22nd 2018 started with an early walk to the sacred spot for prayers and stories. It was a full day, and animators presented in the form of skits some important aspects concerning behaviour at TFP: no backbiting, striving for inclusiveness; cleanliness and respecting property, chastity…The Coordinators announced the Academic Classes. Later in the day the junior youth got the chance to decide what art group to choose: drama & film, poetry, dance, architecture, shadow theater etc. The program continued with workshops and a complex and fun evening program with many stations of different outdoor activities. One of the animators was “kidnapped” but the junior youth managed to rescue him by cooperating in the games and solving riddles. The day closed with prayers and uplifting songs. The virtue of the day was SERVICE.

First evening: Orientation Night

The programme was officially opened by the Coordinators and the staff introduction was very joyful, funny and creative. The anchor quote was sung for the first time…The junior youth and the animators played games and the assemblies were formed. The first assembly meeting took place and they each chose their original name and presented themselves on stage. The night ended with a closing of the day in a devotional manner.

Arrival of the junior youth…


The long awaited day has arrived! Saturday, July 21st – junior youth¬†from over 16 different countries¬†started to come to Townshend – the venue hosting the Transformation for Peace Programme. They were greeted warmly by the eager animators and started playing games, registering, making their own original name tags and arranging their rooms…

Day 3 Animator Training

Friday, July 20th 2018 was the last day for the animators to get all things ready for the arrival of the 58 junior youth. They organized in detail the many complex aspects of the Transformation for Peace Programme, made sure materials are prepared, rooms cleaned and decorated, shopping done, registration and so on. Every last detail of each hour the junior youth will be spending here was lovingly designed.


In the evening, all the staff went together to the center of Ceske Budejovice, concluding the 3 intense working days with a lovely indian dinner. Upon returning back to Townshend campus, the youth got back to rehearsing their performances that will dazzle the junior youth!


Day 1 of Animator Training

Wednesday, July 18th started with welcoming the animators, presentation of the TFP team, a rich programme including deepening about the vision and expectations of the Transformation For Peace, presenting it`s framework, reflecting on the qualities of an animator and thinking of capacity building efforts. The day was filled with joy, prayers and songs.