Gala Night TFP 1

The Gala Night was an amazing and complex event filled with profound presentations and also funny, creative and very entertaining artistic moments. The Schedule consisted of: Prayers, Opening by Coordinators, singing of the Anchor Quote, MC Introduction by JY Miss Mercy and Mr. Kamran, a Townshend Introduction by Mrs. Mara Khorram, TFP Slide Show and presentations by the Academic Classes and Art workshops ( „Oneness of God“ (Acad. Class); „Equality of man and woman“(Acad. Class); Architecture (Art workshop); „Education“ (Acad. Class); „Investigation of Truth“ (Acad. Class); Spoken Word I (Art workshop); Drama & Film (Art workshop); „Wealth and Poverty“ (Acad. Class); „Science and Religion“ (Acad. Class); Dance (Art workshop); „The Covenant“ (Acad. Class); Spoken Word II (Art workshop); Songs and Acknowledgements. At 22:30 the parents were invited to join the junior youth and staff for the Closing of the Day – a very intimate and serene space for sharing reflections and prayers. The night continued with a dance party and heartbreaking goodbyes…


Last Day TFP 1

Saturday, July 28th was the last day of the Transformation for Peace Programme. It started as usual with prayers at the Sacred Spot. The staff and junior youth spent most of the day preparing for the Gala Night and also organizing for departure and cleaning the venue. The opening of the day had a very special announcement: two wonderful 15 year olds decided to embrace the Bahá’í Faith! The junior youth prepared thank you cards for the kitchen staff and also for the on site facilitator, Mrs. Darina… They also lovingly secretly worked in the art room on a portrait for every Animator to show their appreciation and admiration… At around 5:00 pm a record number of parents started to arrive on Campus!

Day 7 TFP 1

Day 7, Friday, July 27th 2018 was filled with anticipation preparing for the very last day and the Gala night. Both the academic classes and the art workshops consulted about their presentations for the gala. After lunch, the junior youth had an interesting workshop about Courtship & Marriage presented by the lovely young married couple, Tess and Nikolai. The evening programme consisted of the long awaited game “Capture the Flag” and bonfire. The bonfire segment was quite short as it soon started to rain, but that only made things more exciting and the junior youth continued their bonding and conversations until the closing of the day with prayers and songs…The virtue of the day was patience.

Day 6 TFP 1

Day 6, Thursday, July 26th was the second field trip day, the junior youth and staff walked together after lunch to the Adrenalin Park and the evening programme was the Talent Show! Both these activities required exercising the virtue of the day: courage…In the morning the group discovered a beautiful land art at the sacred spot, had uplifting devotionals and enjoyed music and games. After that, the academic classes continued. The trip at Adrenalin Park reinforced the unity among the junior youth and the animators and the Talent Show was an opportunity to further discover amazing qualities and capacities of the participants. Everyone rejoiced in the accomplishments of others and cheered each other`s artistic performances.

Day 5 TFP 1

Day 5, Wednesday, July 25th 2018 was another amazing day here at Transformation of Peace! After the daily prayers at the Sacred Spot, the junior youth went to the opening of the day with more prayers, songs and games. They continued their Academic Classes studying about important concepts like: the Covenant, Equality between men and women, Oneness of God and humanity, Poverty and Richness, and so on. A short presentation of each academic class will be prepared for the Gala night. The Gala Arts workshops continued with film and drama, constructing 3D Houses of Worship, a group dance and a lot of music throughout the day. The programme was infused with art as the junior youth had an extra segment of rotational arts, choosing from: creative visual arts, prayer beads, science experiments and land art. The evening programme was an extremely moving series of dramatic plays about heroes of the Faith prepared by the animators: Thomas Breakwell, Tahirih, Badi, Anis, Saint Paul (The Gospel) Mona, friends in Yaran. The virtue of the day was Faith…

Note from the Photographer: A lot of wonderful moments are not photographed as we didn’t want to disturb the classes or the performances and also because some surprises are to be revealed only at the Gala…

Day 4 TFP 1

Day 4, Tuesday 24th 2018, was the field trip day! The usual programme was followed with prayers and story at the sacred spot, opening of the day, after which the junior youth prepared their bags and sandwiches to go to the Aqua Palace. It was a great day for both the junior youth and the animators – filled with joy, laughter and unity…The two buses returned back to the campus just in time for dinner, and then the assemblies had their daily meeting.

The evening programme consisted of another original cooperation & consultation game. One of the junior youth was celebrated with a cake for her birthday…

The night was closed with prayers and songs. Every night the junior youth have an optional “floor meeting” with the animators and JY on the same dorm floor and the 15 year old can consult and deepen about delicate themes about life and faith with two of the more veteran animators. The virtue of the day was perseverance.

Day 3 TFP 1

Day 3, Monday, July 23rd, junior youth were already familiar with the TFP framework and well settled. The day started with prayers at the sacred spot and continued in the usual fashion: opening of the day with songs, announcements and games, academic classes, gala arts workshops, assemblies, evening programme and closing of the day. The evening programme was very original today with a complex game of strategy and collaboration created by the animators: “Civilization Game”. The virtue of the day was Selflessness. Throughout the day the JY are encouraged to notice beautiful acts of service, identify virtues in the other junior youth and animators and dedicate an anonymous paper rose to that person, by placing it in a box. Next morning the roses are read aloud and distributed.

Day 2 TFP 1

Sunday, July 22nd 2018 started with an early walk to the sacred spot for prayers and stories. It was a full day, and animators presented in the form of skits some important aspects concerning behaviour at TFP: no backbiting, striving for inclusiveness; cleanliness and respecting property, chastity…The Coordinators announced the Academic Classes. Later in the day the junior youth got the chance to decide what art group to choose: drama & film, poetry, dance, architecture, shadow theater etc. The program continued with workshops and a complex and fun evening program with many stations of different outdoor activities. One of the animators was “kidnapped” but the junior youth managed to rescue him by cooperating in the games and solving riddles. The day closed with prayers and uplifting songs. The virtue of the day was SERVICE.