Gala Night TFP 1

The Gala Night was an amazing and complex event filled with profound presentations and also funny, creative and very entertaining artistic moments. The Schedule consisted of: Prayers, Opening by Coordinators, singing of the Anchor Quote, MC Introduction by JY Miss Mercy and Mr. Kamran, a Townshend Introduction by Mrs. Mara Khorram, TFP Slide Show and presentations by the Academic Classes and Art workshops ( „Oneness of God“ (Acad. Class); „Equality of man and woman“(Acad. Class); Architecture (Art workshop); „Education“ (Acad. Class); „Investigation of Truth“ (Acad. Class); Spoken Word I (Art workshop); Drama & Film (Art workshop); „Wealth and Poverty“ (Acad. Class); „Science and Religion“ (Acad. Class); Dance (Art workshop); „The Covenant“ (Acad. Class); Spoken Word II (Art workshop); Songs and Acknowledgements. At 22:30 the parents were invited to join the junior youth and staff for the Closing of the Day – a very intimate and serene space for sharing reflections and prayers. The night continued with a dance party and heartbreaking goodbyes…


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