Day 5 TFP 1

Day 5, Wednesday, July 25th 2018 was another amazing day here at Transformation of Peace! After the daily prayers at the Sacred Spot, the junior youth went to the opening of the day with more prayers, songs and games. They continued their Academic Classes studying about important concepts like: the Covenant, Equality between men and women, Oneness of God and humanity, Poverty and Richness, and so on. A short presentation of each academic class will be prepared for the Gala night. The Gala Arts workshops continued with film and drama, constructing 3D Houses of Worship, a group dance and a lot of music throughout the day. The programme was infused with art as the junior youth had an extra segment of rotational arts, choosing from: creative visual arts, prayer beads, science experiments and land art. The evening programme was an extremely moving series of dramatic plays about heroes of the Faith prepared by the animators: Thomas Breakwell, Tahirih, Badi, Anis, Saint Paul (The Gospel) Mona, friends in Yaran. The virtue of the day was Faith…

Note from the Photographer: A lot of wonderful moments are not photographed as we didn’t want to disturb the classes or the performances and also because some surprises are to be revealed only at the Gala…

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